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Zito HSU X Exclamation Alien Orange Silver X TSAI Chi-Hung—Tagtool Party
  • Zito HSU—Chance of Rain

Unexpected motions are just like changing weather. Taking the arc of the Dome as the shell of human brain. The element such as blue icons, stars and raindrops symbolize floating emotions in our mind. The reflection between projection and the audience shows different inner conscious. The” Chance of Rain” also depicts the uncontrollable emotions and feelings through the motion of falling raindrops and Rotating symbols.

  • Exclamation Alien Orange Silver

The artist Orange Silver was in Canada for an artist residency at that time the new coronavirus outbreak is continuing to grow. She forced to cancel all the local activities. She decided to return to Taiwan and she need quarantine for 14 days. The anti-epidemic hostel network signal is weak so only the things she can do is draw the pictures then she made the Solo exhibition in a room only for 14 days for herself! Let's see what she do in 14 days?


Dates and time|11/07 (Sat.), 11/08 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00

Venue|Political Warfare Building Square, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

Limited availability, please sign up here.



|The Artists

Zito Hsu is an artist and picture book creator based in Taipei. She has studied illustration at Kingston University in London, and has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2013. The work of Zito express feelings and emotions with simple outlines and different tones of blue by stories and small characters. She has featured in Tagtool live performance of Nuit Blanche Taipei 2016, and Comic Wall Projection for Microsoft Surface Pro at Taiwan Designers’ Week.

Lin Chia-Chieh (Orange Silver Lin) is an artist from Taipei. She made the illustration character named "Exclamation Alien" also she use this character to published the picture books. She painted over 70 walls around the world e.g. U.S., Spain, Australia, Philippine, China, Japan, and Taiwan. The project called " Exclamation Alien Wall Mural ". Now she is studying for a master's degree in the National Taipei University of Education Department of Digital Technology Design (Master Program in Toy and Game Design).

TSAI Chi-Hung shifted from a background in information science to new media art. He received his master's degree from the Department of New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts and is currently a member of the Technology Media Platform at C-LAB. He established the new media art group Winnowork and has created many outdoor light-art installations. He devotes his energy to mixing analog and digital media and is skilled at the integration of software and hardware, including the development of interactive programming interfaces, electronic circuit control, interactive sensing devices, sound installation performances, computer vision and recognition, and the research and development of algorithms and digital maker technologies. Tsai integrates various technological forms to explore possibilities in different media.