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Creation/Research Support
Building Up an Ecosystem through Sensory Perception: The Research and Development Project for the Stage and Sound Installation of Invisible Forces

Stemming from the concept of "umwelt," Building Up an Ecosystem through Sensory Perception is a project developing an installation work with shifting energy as the foundation for the future performance of Invisible Forces. Wang Shih-Wei will work with artists from diverse fields to experiment on sound, light, and the materials of the installation. As a team, they will investigate the ambiguity and binary opposition between nature and artificial products and will create a space in which the two juxtapose, connect, conflict, and blend with each other. In this space, simple materials and sound will also be adopted to simulate the dynamic energy in static nature and to build a poetic “sensory ecosystem.” During the residence period, the team will also host talks, workshops, exhibitions, and performances to communicate the concept of “de-anthropocentrism” to participants and to share the influences brought about by the interactions and cross-infiltrations among organisms in nature. These activities are expected to highlight the growing uncertainty about the future and the doomsday phobia in this Anthropocene epoch as well as to explore the possibility of all species’ integrating, surviving, and living together. The project treats art as the medium to evoke people’s awareness of the interdependency of personal lives and the overall environment.


WANG Shih-Wei

A graduate of the Department of Theater Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Wang received his MA and PhD degrees in performing arts from the University of Paris III, France. He has focused on European theatre culture, delving into writing, translation, academic research, cultural exchange, and artistic creation. His translation work includes the Mandarin version of Avec Joël Pommerat: Un monde complexe and Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Pinocchio, and his theatrical works include Blossom of the Fallen Flowers, Le Balcon, and Masses. Masses is the proud winner of the Performing Arts award of the 18th Taishin Arts Award in 2020.