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Creation/Research Support
Psyche-Delic: Listening to the Psyche with the Ear of Psilocybin 

With the psilocybin, the recent high profile prodrug compound in the area of psychiatry for assistance in psychotherapy, as a channel ushering drug, as well as audio principles and techniques as mediums for this project, Psyche-Delic attempts to touch the human psyche, which now can be analyzed and mastered through data in the artificial intelligence era but can’t be totally seen through.

How to gauge and control the corporeality and psyche? Should them be measured in different ways? What’s the mechanism for the two to exchange energy? To figure out the abovementioned problems, we may need a more mysterious tool aside from medical technology, which can be manipulated more precisely than ever before. “Psychedelic” is a term coined by the British psychiatrist Humphry OSMOND in 1956, composed of the Latin root words “psyche,” meaning human mind and soul, and “delic,” which signifies to show or to appear.

Sound and music have always been affecting human mind significantly. In terms of the nature of electronic music, it is the most interesting and qualified means to present us how the enigmatic substance of sound exerts its aura on us. With public participation, the project Psyche-Delic will make journeys of approaching human psyche through electronic music, expecting to establish an avenue towards it in the society of data with art acts.



TM Li is a Taiwanese sound worker and DJ, who engages in creation of electronic and theatrical music. She is the host of Midnight Sound Maker studio to promote electronic music and sound in Taiwan, and has collaborated with Bare Feet Dance Theatre and Assignment Theatre on theatrical works concerning history of Taiwan, contemporary issues and traditional culture, creating works like “Khan-bông-kua” and indigenous ancient ballads. She established the team “PrintedNoise Lab”with Taiwanese electronic music artist LIAO Hai-Ting, publishing their first album in 2017, which was shortlisted for the Best Electronic Album and Best Electronic Song of Golden Indie Music Awards. The collaborative theatrical work Masses won the Performing Arts Award of the 18th Taishin Arts Award in 2019.

In addition to making theatrical and electronic music, Li is also the MC of the electronic music group promotional project Atomic Swap Electronic Music. Being selected as one of the winning proposals in 2020 CREATORS Creation/Research Support Program, her audio research project Freeze Historical Reverb: The Perceptual Narratives in the Caves in Taiwan collected and enlarged the discourse on the materiality of sound. Recent works could be seen in exhibitions and music festivals held by the New Taipei City Art Museum and Taiwan Sound Lab.

KUO Chia-Ying

Graduated from the School of Medicine and Institute of Science, Technology and Society at National Yang Ming University, KUO now serves as a doctor at Resonance Psychiatric Clinic. He is engrossed in the theories of STS (Science, Technology and Society) and the philosophy of DELEUZE, with his master’s thesis titled “Assembling Ketamine: The Drug Use Trajectories and Risk Perception of Community-Based Ketamine Users in Taiwan” caring for related issues. His interests lies in the issues of psychiatry’s practice and influence on the society, the use of psychedelic (also known as psychoactive substances, controlled medication and drugs), and the subculture of music and electronic music.

TM Li and KUO got to know each other in the 2012-2013 anti-nuclear movement, participating in varied cultural and social movements together, such as P.L.U.R.S. and “Untouchable Liberated Area.” They also join events of Taiwan’s underground electronic music as a DJ and an enthusiast for electronic music culture, both having passion for music and caring about human conditions.