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2020 PLAY ARTS Festival

“Games” and “gathering” are at the core of Play Arts. With performing arts as a starting point, the public can participate in a diversity of arts experiences. Since 2018, this festival has been held at C-LAB near the end of summer. It is filled with cultural and innovative energy, overturning this site’s once mysterious image as the former Air Force Command Headquarters, to create a joyful and friendly atmosphere and provide access to the performing arts.With the recent removal of C-LAB’s outer walls, the third installment of Play Arts features creative works that extend from indoor spaces to outdoor park areas, based on the theme of “eye-to-eye/transformation”. It is hoped that they will initiate encounters between audiences and performers. To extend interactions and tap into the energy of games, outstanding creative teams have been invited to organize workshops, exchange stories, and develop interactive exhibitions and performances. To support a new generation of creators, bold experimental works and hands-on experiences have been encouraged.

Based on different cultural viewpoints, creative media exchanges, and sensory experiences brought about by new creative forms, the public is invited to observe, participate in, and jointly create a unique artistic landscape.