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As one of LAB KILL LAB work stations, TECHNOIA questions the ever-updating and ever-redundant electronic technology and holds the collective hack work stations from trans-techno-feminist perspectives, aiming to find co-habitable spaces and new tools in shared techno-cultural practices.

Led by Constanza Piña (Chile/Mexico) who has been conducting “The Cyborgrrrls Technofeminist Meeting” in Latin America and joined by two Taiwanese sound artists, Yen-Tzu Chang and Hai-Ting LIAO of Printed Noise Lab, TECHNOIA seeks women, woman identified gender queers who work with or are interested in electronic media/sound technology to participate in the week long workshops.


The workshops focus on two topics:

1. Technologies of sensuality, sensoriality and corporality

This workshop aims to establish an intimate relationship between human bodies and machine bodies, re-considering technology as production of pleasure, enjoyment, self-satisfaction and eroticism.

*Workshop requirements: bring your own laptop, toys or any recycled electronic gadgets and mobiles phones which can be modified. Ability to solder preferred.

2. Fuck the sound check: Against sexist violence in the sound test.

This workshop aims to create a safe space from sexist violence, making the sound check a learning experience to share knowledge about audio, sound systems, connections, sound design, recording, and musical experimentation.

*Workshop requirements: bring your own instruments or anything that can make sounds (synthesizers, mixers, cdjs, fx pedals, objects, toys, cables...etc.). Special invitation to DJs, Musicians, Sound Artists and Sound Engineers.


SCHEDULE: Workshops are held from December 14 -20 with various time slots. A final presentation/performance with all participants is held on December 19, 2020.


LOCATION:Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)


ATTENDANCE: 20 people



Deadline: 23:59, October 30, 2020

Notification: November 9, 2020

Submission: Pleae submit a PDF (15mb limit, Chinese or English) that includes a brief bio, interests, URLs of work sample (sound work or other works).

Submit to : Vanessa Chen, [email protected]