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The Parthenon: Public Event Series

The Parthenon is a collaborative project undertaken by a group of artists, architects, performers, activists, and volunteers recruited from the public. It stands prominently in front of the Political Warfare Building Square, transformed from a paper model originally created at the site of the 318 Movement into a temporary structure through collective efforts. This large-scale creative endeavor is an integral part of the C-LAB annual exhibition, Memory Palace In Ruins, serving as both an alternative monument to the post-318 Movement and a versatile gathering place.

From July 15th until August 12th, a series of public events, meticulously planned collaboratively by the project's working team and contributors, will take place in The Parthenon. These events include share-and-tell sessions, workshops, and live performances by indie bands and sound artists, all carefully designed to invite participants on a journey to explore the collective memory of social movements through objects, slogans, bodies, music, and sounds. By unraveling the collective memory of social movements, these events aim to reconnect with the spirit of the movement after its occurrence, delve into history, and engage in the process of recreation.

Place | Political Warfare Building Square, C-LAB

Time | Please see below

|| Programme ||

07/15 (Sat.)  18:30-20:00
The Parthenon: Share-and-Tell Session
| The Parthenon working team and participants
For more details, please visit here.

07/29 (Sat.) 15:00-18:00
Under The Banner:
Narration, Collection and Production
| CHENG Yu Yen, WU Wan-Jung

07/29 (Sat.) 19:00-20:00
Summer of Rebirth: The Hibig Band Concert at The Parthenon
| Hibig Band

08/05 (Sat.) 18:00-20:00
The Bansu X Goodbye Nao
The Bansu feat. TENG Shang-Wei
Goodbye Nao 

08/12 (Sat.) 16:00-20:00
Memory Palace In Noise
Vice City
LI Tzi-Mei
DJ Wèi Wáng
Tile Shop Monologue

The Parthenon: Public Event Series
Curator & Coordinator
 | The Parthenon working team
Organizer | Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Key Visual|LEE Chia-Hua