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The Parthenon Share-and-Tell Session

The participating project of C-LAB 2023 annual exhibition Memory Palace in Ruins, The Parthenon, is an outdoor installation at the Political Warfare Building Square, constructed by a cooperative self-build group composed of artists, architects, and various collaborators.

The countenance of The Parthenon comes from the model of The Parthenon in Athens built by activists with waste materials during the Sunflower Student Movement, which was gradually disfigured after activists retreated from the street. The artists then collaborated with the architects to redesign the almost collapsed Parthenon and establish an actual temporary assembly hall of the democratic temple with the engagement of the once activists of Sunflower Student Movement.

The team of The Parthenon finally includes artists, architects, performers, social movement workers, and volunteers recruited from an open call, forming a provisional group made up of members from multiple backgrounds. They exchange work methods as well as imagination about the space and events at the time of establishment. The share-and-tell session will invite the team members of The Parthenon to discuss the ideas and process of space creation while sharing the scheduled events during the exhibition period with attendees.


Time: 07/15(SAT)18:30-20:00
Venue: Political Warfare Building Square

*Free Admission and No Registration Required.


|Core Creative Team of The Parthenon
The team of The Parthenon consists of workers from fields of visual art, architecture, social movement, performing arts, and film. Strictly speaking, it is more like an interim group rather than a work team, taking shape through collaborating, laboring and chatting during the execution of the project The Parthenon, including LIAO Xuan-Zhen, HUANG I-Chieh, WANG Zhi-Ray, TSAI Cheng-Yen, LEE Chia-Hua, YANG Tzu-Hsuan, HSU Tsung-Jen, Yiling CHEN, LIN Hsin-I, LIANG Chia-Wei, Wayne TENG, YANG Chieh-Lin, HAN Chia-Chieh, Rama Saputra, CHENG Yu-Yen, TSENG Po-Hao, KUEH Peu-Gān, LIN Ying-Chieh, TSAI Chung-Yueh, Vice City, LI TziMei, Zona, SIUNG Yun-Pei, CHEUNG Man-Wah, Franki, YANG Hung-Yuan, LIN Quei-Chun, Etta LEE, Annie LEE, LEE Hsu-Pin, CHEN Chun-Tien, Posak Jodian, LO Shih-Tung, Sophie CHEN, LIM Wei Xiang, SU Wei Hsuan, Winnie WU, Sho PIE, CHEN Yueh Jing.



▶ Free Admission and No Registration Required.
▶ The organizer reserves the right to adjust and change the activities according to the epidemic situation.