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The Galaxy of Discipline: a survey of post-war diaspora and suppression

By analyzing political archives between 1949 and 1987, this project attempts to clarify the operational nature of the former Air Force Command Headquarters during the Martial Law period and to construct basic understanding towards the military trajectory of land, air, and sea during White Terror, and clarify the differences within. By de-ethnicization through the concept of “Mainlanders,” intensive lectures, book groups, and film viewing sessions enhance the disparities in class, racial, cultural, political, and warfare experiences and further explore the discrepancies between the various self-identification of the diaspora. The curation also addresses the historical mystery of why a large number of Mainlanders also fell victim during White Terror. In addition, by interviewing military law personnel and political workers who served at the Air Force Command Headquarters between 1950s and 1970s, the precise locations of the military law department, detention room, and courtroom were identified, allowing the reconstruction of daily operations through oral descriptions.

Based on research, analysis and discourse, the video production project allows military heretics who have either passed away, disappeared, or been forgotten amidst stereotypical ethnic imaginations to reappear before the public. This also empowers the Air Force Command Headquarters and other similar sites that were previously established to discipline diaspora to be transformed into “Heterotopias.”


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