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In 2020, Huang Ling-Hsuan participated in the Taiwan Sound Lab Immersive Experience Research and Creation Project of the CREATORS: Sound Off program, which incorporated the full-sphere surround sound technology of Ambisonics and instrumental performance to explore the relationships between space sounds, sensual expectations, sound works, and the audience. The artist has further raised issues relating to music and sound creations, including comparisons of subjective perceptions of audience, real sounds, and artificial reverberation, the natural and unnatural reflections of sound spatiality, and the relationship between spatial sound work and visual messages.

For this exhibition, Huang Ling-Hsuan uses two presentations of live performance and audio-visual installation as an embodiment of The Artificial Nature project in its current phase. Art Space III contains a multichannel audio-visual installation that aims to dislocate the audience’s vision and hearing by presenting sounds against our hearing habits when encountering natural physical phenomena.

Meanwhile, the live performance "sono.gravitas"  in the Taiwan Sound Lab is an attempt to collage the performer’s body movements with the spatial physics of sound. Both of these presentations focus on music and gravity to capture the confrontation and interaction between visual and audio messages.

Time|March 13, 14:00-14:20; 17:00-17:20

Venue|Taiwan Sound Lab - Studio 1

Performers | WANG Po-Chun (Percussion), FAN Jia-Ping (Double Bass), HUANG Ling-Hsuan (Electronics)


About Signals: CREATORS 2020–21

In 2020, 16 research and creative projects were carried out at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) on topics of narrative, space, performance, agriculture, online public opinions, media criticism, genetic modification, soundscape collection, historical archives, geographical research, and cultural exchange. These projects resulted from open calls for the CREATORS Creation/Research Residency & Support Program and Taiwan Sound Lab’s Sound-Off Program last year and have been undergoing their own stages of development. Through exhibition, live performance and events, Signals: CREATORS 2020–2021 assembles and presents the current progress of these 16 projects.

Date|February 19, 2021- March 14, 2021

Venue|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab – Art Space III