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LEE Yung-Chih X SONG Chia-Yun "Peeling—Technical Experiments with Everyday Marks"

On the street, paint peeling from rusting metal has patterns on its back similar to those of the lingzhi mushroom, and the crystalized rust conforms to the contours of time, documenting almost stratigraphic records of different periods. Before such inferior materials, so commonly seen in our daily lives, are disposed of as useless waste and incinerated into ash, they also serve as an everyday spectacle, marking a sort of micro history. From this history, witnessed by the peeled paint and rediscovered on the street.

The Lak Tshat Greenhouse: “Lak tshat” is the Taiwanese term for “peeling paint”. It is designed to accelerate the production and “incubate” mottled marks on painted metal products in a laboratory setting. In addition to artificial “cultivation”, it aims to cogitate upon the elimination and continuation as well as the existence and demise of substance in comparison with the decay of “natural materials”.

✷  Opening ✷
Date | 2022.11.05 (Sat.) 14:00

✷ Closing Talk ✷  Science X Art
Date | 2022.11.13 (Sun.) 14:00 - 16:00
Speakers | Artists: LEE Yung-Chih, SONG Chia-Yun & Yi-Cheng SUN (independent curator)

Supervisor | Ministry of Culture
Organizer | Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)
Implementer | LEE Yung-Chih