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Onomatopoeia workshop for Architectures feat. Xi Xiang

Every day, we move through various buildings, living, working, and passing by. In this environment, the sounds and states of objects within these buildings envelop us to varying degrees of transparency.

How can we capture the sounds of pipes, construction, and conversations through walls? How should we document cracks, heaviness, and disorder of the buildings?

In this experimental workshop, artist Yang Yu-Chiao will investigate the architectures of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB). They will detect the onomatopoeic groupings of building and construction site sounds, leading participants to explore these sound-states together.

In the latter part of the workshop, the writings and explorations from the first part will be integrated with a collection of acoustic imaging poems called "Xi Xiang" Collaborating with free improvisation musicians, participants will attempt to construct a transparent yet opaque "The House of Onomatopoeia: No.1," based on the interim results of the first experimental workshop.


▒ Date ▒

6/22 (週六) 16:00-21:00

16:00-18:00  Workshop Part 1

19:00-21:00  Workshop Part 2


▒ Location: ▒
C-LAB Art Space II, 1F


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Workshop Part 1

Workshop Part 2




▎ Organizer: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)
▎ Copyright © 2024 CREATORS YANG Yu-Chiao