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Opening performance OPUS

Can you dance to contemporary music? This odd question from Matteo Franceschini encouraged him to push the “classical concert” form towards the dance floor. Opening like an evening of chamber music, little by little OPUS transforms the musical and visual narrative—oneiric and theatrical—into a purely electro stage. In this creation, the string quartet, an emblematic genre in classical music, dialogues with technological systems, creating a continual interaction with the video and lighting. Here, perspective is used as a mode of representation and a system for the set design: the technique of photograms in which you scan and compose real images—here unfinished constructions in the south of Italy—with very different points of view. The 3D virtual décor will be modified live by the vibrations and distortions of the quartet.

Audio-visual performance for string quartett and electronics
A TOVEL and 1024 architecture performance

TOVEL (aka Matteo Franceschini), music
1024 architecture (François Wunschel and Pier Schneider), visuals

Quartetto Maurice:
Georgia Privitera, violin
Laura Bertolino, violin
Francesco Vernero, viola
Aline Privitera, cello

TOVEL, live electronics
1024 architecture, live video and set design
Manuel Poletti, IRCAM computer-music design

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Les Petites Heures – La Scala Paris, 1024 architecture production. With the support of Mécénat Musical Société Générale and Sacem.

IRCAM team:
Luca Bagnoli, Sound engineer
Damien Ripoll, Sound technician