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Painfully Happy

What on earth is the media situation around which our physical senses revolve?

We’re always told that we’ll have direct access to and receive every message from the external world as long as we heighten our senses. Holding that there is no intermediary between humanity and the external world, this thinking no longer applies to the post-digital era, as networked media have indeed acted as the intermediaries between the two parties.

Space and community thus no longer imply “emptiness” and “social aggregate” respectively. The Chiang Kai-shek Hall of the Air Force Command Headquarters is ergo not so much a venue for assembly and propaganda about conquering nature with war as a place carrying deeper cultural connotations.

We transmute the hall into a brand new space that appeals to human senses. It is an exhibition room for vision-rebooting video artworks, and a rehearsal stage that re-activates our bodies. We replace the hall’s original imagery with visual arts, leaving the implications to the visitors’ imagination. Shaking off the shackles on our bodies, we liberate our thinking in a root-cutting fashion.

Today, all the senses, feelings, sufferings and pleasures beckon, waiting silently for artists to explore their newly assigned meanings.


13:00-21:00, Tue-Sun

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Art Space IV

Painfully Happy Club and Body-Moving Live Show
Les Petites Choses Production
Projas European Folk Dance Ensemble
FT. Folk Dance Club

Video of Today
Youki Hirakawa
Wu I-Yeh
Yuan Goang-Ming
Chen Wan-Jen

Supervisor:Ministry of Culture
Organizer:Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab