Notice of the Updated Epidemic Preventive Measures

To cooperate with Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center, C-LAB has made the following adjustments to the epidemic prevention and control rules:

  1. Visitors are required to wear masks at all times when entering C-LAB.
  2. Exhibitions can be visited without advance registration; for events or educational activities, participants are still required to register in advance.
  3. Taking temperatures, disinfecting hands and leaving personal information are required. Visitors whose temperatures are above 37.5℃ are not allowed entry.
  4. Participants are required to keep indoor social distance of 1.5 meters and outdoor social distance of 1 meter, not subject to the checkerboard seating arrangement when social distance is maintained. Lecturers will not be required to wear masks when keeping social distance or installing protective plastic screens.
  5. Visitors are required to follow the indicated route which includes single entry and exit. Users are required to disinfect the wearable, interactive and touch screen devices before and after each use.
  6. Gathering Space is only accessible to staff for business and not open to the public.
  7. The preventive measures will be adjusted and announced at any time according to the epidemic situation. Please see the official website and Facebook fan page of C-LAB for changes of activities.