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Popular Culture: Appropriation, Collage, and Circulation

Popular culture is a concept of liquidity and competition, composed of practices of rituals, nostalgia, collaging, pirating and saluting. The meanings of signifying signs keep changing and being reconstructed depending on the contexts, while forms of circulation mediums as well as varied economic conditions and capital flows determine the traits of popular culture, hence its canonization or decanonization.

Through inquiring into audiovisual texts and the production, consumption and dissemination of pop culture, the talk intends to offer critical thinking about and meanings of popular culture mediums for participants to consider the generation of significations, specific communication mechanisms, circulation of cultures and production of cultural meanings, observing how popular culture engenders connotations, which are either shared by the whole society or unique to particular communities, with competing or opposing definitions reflecting the operation of social power hierarchy.


Time: 08/05 (SAT) 14:00-15:30
Venue: Creative Base for Animators Multi-function Space

Free Admission via Online Registration


LIN Yu-Peng
LIN is Assistant Professor of the Taiwan Language and Communication Department in National United University. He is a PhD of Film and Television Studies from the University of Nottingham, endeavoring to explore the official and unofficial circulation in audiovisual culture.


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