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Exhibition, Performance & Screening

In 2020, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) established the Technology Media Platform which emphasizes innovative media experimentation and social connections. Its purpose is to construct a cultural and technological experimental platform based on cross-disciplinary collaboration, co-creation, and cooperation to facilitate integration of Taiwan’s cultural and technological resources while bringing together the cultural and technological sectors for co-creation. One of the labs of the platform features future visions, exploring visual limits of technology media as its goal of experimentation. Building upon Taiwan’s electrooptical technology and industry, and aided by image algorithms and creation, as well as integration of hardware and software, the project outlines a cross-disciplinary vision for the enhancement of future visual effects.

For the project FUTURE VISION LAB, the Technology Media Platform collaborates with the Graduate Institute of Architecture at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and bases on the concept of digital architecture to develop the outdoor space DOME, which measures 12 meters in diameter and 6 meters in height. To create immersive projection in the experiential dome space, multiple complicated techniques are involved, such as image warping, edge blending, mapping, play control, and image preprocessing, all of which are necessary for a fully immersive experience for the audience. From the floor, the surrounding wall, to its zenith, the DOME’s interior is a streamlined spherical space, which renders the viewing of video works similar to that of naked-eye virtual reality. Meanwhile, the DOME is also an immersive site, which fits the innovative concept of “future vision.”

This year, FUTURE VISION LAB 2022 comes back with upgraded hardware and exciting programs. The project will include a selection of works via an open call, commissioning productions, remote co-performance, family programs, artists' talk and workshops. Through collaborations, FUTURE VISION LAB presents a diversity of performances and visual experiences to the public.

Date: 2022.10.08 - 2022.12.04
Venue: C-LAB Art Space II Square

*The complete program will be announced in the mid of September at C-LAB website.